Ongoing General Facility Projects

General Facility- Science is grateful to the research Administration for their trust and confidence in the system General Facilities and their generous funding. Currently there are 10 General Facility projects

1. GS01/01 (400 MHz NMR, Zeeman Graphite Furnace AA Analytic Jena Zeenit 650, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer (DMTA), Thermal Analyzers (DSC, TGA,TMA) , System 2000 FT-Raman, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer CARY-5, Elemental Analyzer and host of supporting instruments)

2. GS02/01 (Gas Chromatograph Bruker CP3900 x2 with FID detector and autosampler)

3. GS03/01 (Bruker XRD D5000, Bruker XRF SRS 3000, Waters 600E HPLC, Lambda Physics Excimer LASER LPX 210i / Dye LASER LPD 3002CES, Stirling Liquid Nitrogen Plant MNP/10, Fluorescence Spectrometer Fluomax4 with TCSPC - Jobin Vyon)

4. GS01/02 (ABI Genetic Analyzer 3130XL and Fast real time PCR ABI)

5. GS01/03 (600 MHz triple channel NMR for solution and solids, High resolution Double Focusing Sector Mass spectrometer Thermo DFS)

6. GS01/05 (Bruker 820 ICP-MS, Jobin Vyon ICP Ultima, Elemental Analyzer Elementar Microcube, JASCO Vacuum FTIR 6300 with IR microscope)

7. GS01/08 (Femto Second Laser, Spectra Physics Tsunami and Splitfire)

8. GS02/08 (Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) Thermo 250Xi with XPS/UPS and ISS techniques)

9. GS03/08 (Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer for Small and Macro Molecules Rigaku Rapid II and Bruker X8 prospector)

10. GS02/10 (Establishment of Chromatography Research Center)